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A WordPress Plugin for the Mint Bird Feeder Pepper (Mint-bird-feeder)

If you use Shaun Inman’s Mint stat tracking software on a WordPress based site, as I do on Forge Code, you probably use the Bird Feeder Pepper. This ‘Pepper’ - the name given to Mint plugins/widgets - tracks the number of hits on your RSS feeds. The normal way to get Bird Feeder to collect this data is to manually modify the content of the PHP template file(s) in WordPress that are used to generate the content of your RSS feeds.

Modifying core WordPress files is fraught with issues - primarily the fact that whenever you upgrade WordPress itself, there’s a good chance that any changes you’ve made will get nuked. Writing a WordPress plugin is a much more robust way to achieve the same thing, which avoids all of the issues with modifying the WordPress core. I have written a very simple plugin for WordPress that allows the Mint Bird Feeder Pepper to gather stats from your RSS, RSS2 or Atom feeds without any configuration - just install the plugin, and activate it. It only handles “post feeds” (not “comment feeds”), but if that’s all you’re interested in, this plugin should come in handy.

Here’s a link to the WordPress Plugin Directory page for the plugin.