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At WWDC 2009

Two days gone, three to go. WWDC 2009 has been great so far. I’ve met some really interesting people, and have finally adjusted my body clock to SF time!

After getting down to Moscone West at around 5am on Monday morning, I managed to score a seat pretty close to the front for the Keynote:

The new 13” MBP looks like an awesome developer laptop, and has now definitely moved to the top of my wishlist! Of note to Australians is the fact that Telstra didn’t appear on the list of carriers supporting tethering right away, which didn’t really surprise me. Hopefully they will rectify the situation in the coming months without ripping off their customers too much.

There’s some really impressive stuff in Snow Leopard: the most interesting topics so far have been in the area of compiler and Xcode technologies. Apple are making important moves in the right direction as far as I’m concerned. I’d love to talk about this in more depth, but I’ll have to wait until Snow Leopard is released and the NDA is lifted.

The next three days look really great, with the sessions promising to get much more technical and in-depth, which is the part of the week that I really look forward to!